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j bardot canvas oil painting

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts To Rekindle Love And Romance

If you're content after 20 years of marriage, you're doing well. The celebrations should totally go off.

However, to take things to a new level be sure to take time to focus inwards not just outwards.

Balance the big party with a big romantic gesture. And nothing screams romance more than 20th wedding anniversary gifts that tell your love story.

Rekindle love and romance with photo gifts from the heart that tell the magical tale of two incredible lives entwined into one divine whole.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

j bardot canvas oil painting

j bardot canvas oil painting

Take a moment to pause with a gift that honors the big moments of the last 20 years.

Take a walk down memory lane to capture milestones like your wedding day, the birth of a child, love of family and those many wonderful holidays.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Custom Canvas

j bardot canvas oil painting

j bardot canvas oil painting

If you've been invited to join in your friend or family member's special celebration, this is a wonderful gift to bring along and display at the party.

It also doubles as a touching keepsake they can hold onto for years to come.

To create this stunning look, simply visit Canva - a wonderfully easy to use graphic design tool.

Using Canva you can copy what we've done here or come up with your own unique wording.

You get to choose the background color, font color, font style and font size. It's amazing! And super simple.

Once you've created your image, download it as a high quality PDF, convert it to a JPG or PNG then upload it into our CanvasApp.

Alternatively, email the completed image to our support team and we'll convert it and create it for you. It's all part of the service!

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Custom Canvas
20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

j bardot canvas oil painting

j bardot canvas oil painting

This can be a gift to self or a gift to spouse. 

Either way, after you've exchanged vows and returned from the second honeymoon (because surely there's a second honeymoon right?), here's something you can arrange to keep that loving feeling going.

Type out your old and your new vows then print them onto a gorgeous glass wall display along with a photo of the two of you.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Metal Print

j bardot canvas oil painting

j bardot canvas oil painting

Well that went fast, didn't it?

Rekindle some of that hot, steamy romance with an arty passionate poem and photo collection printed on metal.

Choose shots that feature just the two of you and all the wonderful things you've done together whether it's dancing, dinners, sunset walks or intimate meals.

Choose a sexy color like red for the background of the poem and an arty color like black for the border and you'll be reviving that passion in no time at all.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Metal Print
20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Modish Collage

j bardot canvas oil painting

j bardot canvas oil painting

Create a work of art by placing a colorful image of a rose in the heart center and monochrome images of the two of you in the four surrounding frames.

Mixing black and white photos with a colorful heart centerpeice and a colorful frame provides a stunning effect, so be sure to experiment.

The wonderful thing about our collage creation app is that you can choose any images and any colors she likes!

The result will blow her away.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Glass Split Image Print

j bardot canvas oil painting

j bardot canvas oil painting

Did you meet while traveling through Paris? At a social dance in the country? Or perhaps at the local pool?

If the place you met was memorable, split the printed image across three gorgeous glass panels.

This is the kind of gift that will be featured pride of place at home or even in his office.

It ticks all the boxes. It's thoughtful. It's tasteful. It's classy. Most of all it's from you.

The trick to splitting an image across multiple frames is to make sure you don't lose any of the magic of the photo.

If a particular split style doesn't suit your photo, experiment with another split style until you find one that works.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Glass Split Image Print
20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

j bardot canvas oil painting

j bardot canvas oil painting

Create the most colorful bouquet she will have ever seen with this artistic wall canvas which allows you to feature a different floral image in each different frame.

Do you know her top five favorite flowers? If not, make it your job now to find out and print those to canvas.

If she has a green thumb, you might instead like to take original photos of flowers from her garden.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Metal Print

j bardot canvas oil painting

j bardot canvas oil painting

You don't have to be an artist to create a magical work of art for your partner. 

Here's a cheat sheet that will help you create an inspired personalized art piece in no time.

Find a beautiful background image. It could be one of your own photos or something from a royalty-free site like j bardot canvas oil painting.

Upload the image into Canva then use their amazing, easy tools to layer a text quote over the top.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Metal Print
20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Canvas Wall Display

j bardot canvas oil painting

j bardot canvas oil painting

Wonderful for a family of four, the idea is to feature a photo of your parents in the center then photos of you and your sibling at various ages at the sides.

Include photos of you both as babies, as little kids and then now - as teenagers or adults.

The result will be a family portrait they'll treasure more than you'll ever know.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Collage

j bardot canvas oil painting

j bardot canvas oil painting

Gather together photos of all the beautiful pets you've had over your 20 years of marriage and print them onto a gorgeous canvas collage.

This 'traditional' themed collage provides a generous nine frames to fill with pets who've come and gone and others who remain with you today.

To create an animal masterpiece to be enjoyed each and everyday, print it in the largest size - 32” x 48” (80cm x 120cm) - to ensure the detail of every precious pet is revealed.

The wonderful thing about this idea is that, over the years, you've taken hundreds of photos of her furry, feathered and fishy friends in all their silly and serious glory.

In the center frame, include a photo of the two of you together with one of your pets or perhaps a fun pet quote like 'It's not a home without fur-kids'.

The look on her face will be priceless when she unwraps this gift.

You'll win her heart all over again because she'll know that you totally get her.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Collage
Good job at cutting glare and fit tight.
My husband loves these and recommends them to everyone. Great quality and polarized, which you can't beat for the price
The quality of the leather appears to be high quality and the belt buckle is excellent. The belt actually feels more comfortable to wear than the traditional buckled belt. It remains to be seen as to how long the belt will last normal wear-and-tear, but at least you won't be tearing the eyeholes out of the belt or, at least for me, warping the leather as ti stretches through the traditional belt buckle. The ability to custom fit the belt is a big plus.
Does not stay buckled very well.
Ordered these for my hubby. He never says anything about his socks, but he actually told me he loves these.
These shrink terribly in the wash.
Love it!
Item was as described and arrived quickly. No hassles at all. A+
Similar feel to Hanes comfort blend. Hold shape well. Actually feels like underwear, not like fitness compression shorts.
socks perfectly fit my size 13 foot
Fits as expected!
Didn't expect it to be this good truly, I live in a really sunny place and this fixed all the glares.
Perfect, boyfriend loved them. :)
I use for work
I have received so many compliments on this bag. Its more than just a purse. Its attractive, serviceable, and roomy!
My husband was very satisfied with his gift!
Fits well
Great price for multiple
beautiful necklace, very delicate
Great for under cosplay masks, warming ones noggin, or side gig of ninjitsu at night. Stretchy and tight but not uncomfortable. Comforts to variety of wearable styles and does not get in eyes or ride into mouth. Lightweight and washable.
12/29/19 -Update: the gift recipient loved this and started using it the next day. She finds the zippers easy to slide, the inside zipper pocket large enough to add a wallet, and likes the soft but sturdy material. Original review: I purchased this as a gift. I expected it to be smaller and I'm glad that it's not. It can hold quite a bit, the colors are very nice and the design is simple but functional. It has a pocket on the side that's good for sunglasses and a smooth zipper on top. The strap is appropriate for shoulder or cross body.
Fits great!
I needed something to put between my back brace and me skin - and these worked perfectly!
I really want to give this belt 5 starts. The ones that do not have a coating (flag) absolutely would deserve 5 stars. However the flag has already started to wear off after only 2 weeks of use. Disappointing that the flag isn't going to last. I would recommend getting the solid black one. The black on the belt is much more durable. In a few months I expect the flag to have disappeared and to have just the black face left. I hope they come up with a more durable coating. I think it rubbed on my seat belt while driving to work. I work in an office and can't think of anything else that would have rubbed on the belt. I would have expected/hoped the coating to be more durable.

Sizing fits slightly tighter then expected. I ordered 38 and usually wear a 34. It is a touch big but works. As the end is cut and melted there is no risk with having a belt to long you can easily shorten and remelt the end. Order a couple size larger and you'll be happy.
Great price. Wash well. Wicks well. Comfortable. My winter 1st layer here in Arizona
Love the color, nice size but because its soft its hard for me to find anything in it. I would prefer a stiffer purse that stands up.
I chose this product based on what was advertised and was send a different color combination. For the price of it, its not worth the time to return - just annoying when you order a produce based on what is advertised (including pictures and description) and find it out to be quite different.
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