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custom canvas prints 5 piece

Well Deserved 70th Birthday Gift Ideas To Express Your Love

Whether the 70 old in your life is still very active or is starting to struggle, it's a massive milestone that simply must be honored.

These 70th birthday gift ideas are for that person in your life who thinks they have everything. Little do they know how much joy a beautiful new photo print can bring.

They say 'all you need is love' so unlock the love and create a gift that will lift their spirits on that special day and well into the future.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas - Heart Collage

custom canvas prints 5 piece

custom canvas prints 5 piece

Sure, she's got a lifetime of memories behind her but at 70 she's also blessed with beautiful grandchildren.

Remind her of what matters with a collage featuring her with her grandkids.

Get everyone together for a photo shoot or simply find the best photos from the last few years.

Upload them all to this stunning heart silhouette canvas collage and gift it to her - one from all the little people!

70th Birthday Gift Ideas

custom canvas prints 5 piece

custom canvas prints 5 piece

Let love shine in by splitting a beautiful photo across six canvas frames, one of the more contemporary and arty ways to print and present portrait photography.

Find a photo from the many you've taken together across the years; perhaps choose one that shows you both happy and full of love.

Even better, commission a photographer to take something special of the two of you today, in your favorite spot.

Photographers love getting outside the studio, so if sunset by the beach is your pleasure then get that captured on camera.

If 70 isn't the time to celebrate life long love, when is?

70th Birthday Gift Ideas
70th Birthday Gift Ideas - Traditional Collage

custom canvas prints 5 piece

custom canvas prints 5 piece

A massive milestone like a 70th deserves a massive acknowledgement - a big party with a photo board.

Canvas collages have replaced cardboard, scissors and glue. You don't have to ruin old photos anymore.

Now you can simply visit our Canvas App online and upload photos to a collage.

To create a customized message like this funny, upbeat example, choose a traditional template and upload a text graphic instead of a photo.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas - Metal Split Image

custom canvas prints 5 piece

custom canvas prints 5 piece

If you're keen to create a work of art, brushed metal is a high impact, upmarket material that achieves a spectacular result. You simply can't go wrong.

If you're struggling to think of what to print for the 70 year old man who has everything, think of an activity he loves doing and capture it on camera.

Does he enjoy tending to his vineyard? Hiking? Cycling? He won't know what your plan is. Just take the snap and get on with your day.

To transform the image into a true work of art, split it across multiple frames. Stunning.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas - Metal Split Image
70th Birthday Gift Ideas - Wedding display

custom canvas prints 5 piece

custom canvas prints 5 piece

Relive the passion of that special moment you said 'I do' by gifting your husband or wife with a wedding wall display.

Take those fantastical photos out of the old album and scan them in as high resolution digital images. 

If you're not sure whether you want to print them in color or black and white, it's OK - you don't have to decide until you're creating the canvas.

In the Canvas Factory Canvas App you can choose to keep the color or remove it. Color may convey all the magic, but monochrome is a creative way to present any photo series - old or new.

Watch how big your loved ones smile gets when all those memories come flowing back.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas - Glass Print

custom canvas prints 5 piece

custom canvas prints 5 piece

Often when couples find love for the second (or third!) time, they tend to downplay the fanfare - a smaller wedding with less frills.

But when you really think about it, someone's last love can end up being even more special than their first.

This photo gift on glass is a beautiful 70th gift that shows you value, support and celebrate their recent decision to marry.

It's also a treat they're unlikely to arrange for themselves as they're perhaps hesitant to spend money on such luxuries at this stage of their lives.

However, it's these luxuries - these photo memories we get to enjoy each day - that often give us a spring in our step.

And if it's the couple's two families coming together to organize this birthday present, be sure to splash out and create a glass wall display.

Love is all there this.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas - Glass Print
70th Birthday Gift Ideas - Customised Collage

custom canvas prints 5 piece

custom canvas prints 5 piece

Old age can be hilarious can't it? It doesn't matter what the mirror tells us, we always feel young at heart.

And keeping young means keeping up your sense of humor and celebrating the silly.

This fun canvas is simply a traditional collage template customized with a colorful text graphic.

The result is striking, but it's actually pretty easy for any Tom, Dick or Harry to recreate.

First up, choose a few action photos of the birthday boy. You might also like to include photos of his mates as well. 

Here we've chosen a lawn bowls theme, but of course you can choose any activity you like - even if that activity is simply sharing a drink together at your local club.

Finally, to create the text go to custom canvas prints 5 piece and choose a square or upright design. Write the text, choose a font style, color and background.

The trick is to position the text so it will suit the angular frame of the collage template. It may take a bit of trial and error, but the final result will be worth it - the reward of laughter.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas - Split Image Canvas

custom canvas prints 5 piece

custom canvas prints 5 piece

Whether she's an outdoor or an indoor person, pay tribute to the thing she loves the most by printing it onto a beautiful split image canvas.

Outdoor shots are wonderful to split across multiple frames as there is often a beautiful background to enjoy.

So if she loves the garden, the forest or the beach, consider choosing those to display.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas - Split Image Canvas
70th Birthday Gift Ideas - Family Collage

custom canvas prints 5 piece

custom canvas prints 5 piece

He may be turning 70 and he may have slowed down a little, but you can tell he's a better, brighter man when he's surrounded by family.

Bestow him this sense of connection by gifting him a collage that will remind him each and every day how loved he truly is.

This themed family collage is perfect because, as well as containing a heartfelt message, it has four frames to fill.

So gather together a collection of all those happy family photos then narrow it down to four.

Aren't family the best?

70th Birthday Gift Ideas - Paw Print

custom canvas prints 5 piece

custom canvas prints 5 piece

A gift like this for a 70 year old man may not be your first instinct, but don't be fooled. He loves his four legged friend more than anything else in the world.

Capture that pawsome relationship and print it on this fun paw collage, a great addition to the collection he already has of his 'other' human family.

While this example makes these two best friends look rather refined, you can make them look as unkept, rowdy and silly as you please.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas - Paw Print
70th Birthday Gift Ideas

custom canvas prints 5 piece

custom canvas prints 5 piece

For a 70th birthday gift she will adore, browse our landscape art collection.

She may not be able to get outdoors as much as she used to, so it's important - if she's a lover of nature - to bring some of that cheer into the home.

Lift her spirits with a landscape art piece - a field of flowers, a view of mountains or a scene of the beach.

Definitely worth the price. Thick and good quality.
I bought these for my grandson - he LOVES them!
Bought it for my son for Christmas and he loves it!
Really comfortable, perfect for outdoor work.
For my 22lb, 22month old, these are by far the best fit for her smaller frame (I've bought about 5 other brands) and still room to fill out.

As others have stated, I did not get the pattern shown. I ordered 2 different times within a week and both were different from the picture as well as each other - I don't particularly mind since I think the sets I received are cuter than the set advertised.

I don't believe these are the best quality. They're soft but seem a bit stiff, even after a couple of washes (my daughter doesn't seem uncomfortable). Definitely priced appropriately.
I like the fact that the shirts are long, and don't ride up, bu they are somewhat tight under the arms. I miss the old, old A shirts that were true to size.
Shirts came in great condition as expected.
Rather baggy. Feel great though
this is better than the last one i bought. it was a advertised one but it was poor quality this one seems very strong
Nice quality
A little annoying to get cards out sometimes but it is an upgrade compared to the oldest trayvax model. If the machining could find a way to make the inside smooth enough to remove cards easily but still hold it would get 5 stars. Worth the price for sure.
This belt is made of good quality, sturdy 1.5" webbing. It has a retainer band made of heavy elastic and the webbing end is hot knife cut to taper one edge and end. (pic 1) The plastic buckle seems sturdy and at i/2" thick is not bulky. (pic 2) Trimming to size is easy. Push the buckle back (pic 3) to release the teeth that holds the webbing. The webbing will now slide freely; I used a single edge razor to cut and a butane lighter to hot melt the end to prevent fraying. (pic 4)

Buckling the belt took a little getting used to. In order to slide the end through the buckle, the buckle must be moved to an angle so the locking teeth are out of the way. (pic 5) As I said, at first this was a bit awkward but I got used to it.

The belt looks good and seems it will last. I paid 11.99 for this belt and I'm happy with the purchase.
Shrank when washed!!
Thin straps, more suited for smaller people. Good quality though.
Nice, excellent
good value for the price. they are made of correct weight material if you wear it to the gym you can do so without the worry you can see thru . also comfy just to hang out in.
My Great granddaughter just loves the watch the band is a little bit to large for her wrist had to make holes in the band in order for it to fit.. She is a five year old with large bones so I thought it would fit with no problem for a kids watch it is nice and Elsa just made it perfect for her.
Perfect fit, enough to room & support where others lack
Fits well, however I removed my jeans from the plastic bag they were sent in, placed them into the washer and dryer. On wearing them for the first time I noticed a small hole in the right leg just above the knee cap. I could also see that it was sewn closed with the same thread as the jeans. Must have been done at Levis factory. It was small and I didn't mind at the time, now after five or six washing the hole has come unstitched and continues to get larger.
bought it for little brother and instantly wanted one for myself
I bought this for my Daughter who loves Sofia the 1st. She loved it! Its bigger than I expected which I liked. Its good quality and very pretty. A great deal for the price.
Love this little bag. Can't carry a lot and is not a secure closure but for a summer day it will carry a phone, sunglasses and a tiny wallet. Very cute and a great price.
He loved it. Finally a gift he actually liked. LOL
My 17 year old daughter said they were the prettiest earrings shes ever seen. Very happy with purchase.
Liked. Prferef wrong size.
Wanted no pockets, searched for no pockets, reviews and answered questions said no pockets. They have pockets, if that is what you want then great, not what I wanted.
Looks decent, tangles very easily throughout the day.
Well its about time that someone came up some ideas to improve mens underwear. Its no surprise these innovations come from one of the big three names that dominate the product category. There are several reasons why I dislike wearing underwear and near the top of the list is lack of ventilation. Yes there are those brands that are all or mostly mesh but theyre not very durable and in some case they are actually uncomfortable. What weve always needed is to have built in air conditioning right at those places we need it most. These recognize that, at least partially, by sewing in a ventilated area at the pouch, which they do without sacrificing structural strength or comfort of the all important support area. Now if they would only do the same thing to ventilate the crack the same way.


Other than the small mesh area these are very much just ordinary underwear that are 90% cotton and 10% polyester. They look, feel and fit like any other similar pair. Their claim that they dont ride up seems to be accurate, of course everybodys body is different so there are no guarantees they will fit you like they fit me. These share a common trait Im seeing lately in that they ride very low on the hips, especially in the back. Thats not a problem for me, Im not into showing off the label on the band.

So what about that mesh area? To me it looks and feels exactly like the rest of the shorts, and doesnt really look like a mesh at all. The product label says that area is 94% cotton and 6% polyester, which isnt a lot different from the rest of the fabric. So in other words, that advantage that I talked about of built in air conditioning seems more like marketing promises than anything that really makes a difference.


Start by understanding that there are 29 different style choices of 5-packs here, available in either regular fly, Coolzone fly or traditional fly ranging in price from 9.99 to 49.99. That means every review you read may be for a different product. So to be clear, mine are the model they call No Ride Up Boxer Brief Black/Gray Coolzone Fly Large. That model goes for 14.99 for five boxers, or three bucks a pair. That is an exceptionally good value for name brand shorts and that is the main reason I like them. Would I buy them anyway if it wasnt for the mesh feature yes. Would I buy them only because of the mesh feature no.
https://www.asiancanvasprinted.com/frpetubsgbl https://www.asiancanvasprinted.com/produitfrance/Tamaris-Adriana-Crossbody-bandoulière-4-5x24x25