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puppy bag carrier

Your loved one has led a remarkable life. In fact, getting to 80 is no mean feat in itself! It's definitely something worth honoring.

Whether you're looking to mark the occasion with a big party or small, intimate affair, be sure to also honor their long life and celebrate the wonder that each new day brings with one of these 80th birthday gift ideas.

A photo gift of a precious memory or a beautifully innovative family portrait will hold a special place in their heart.

80th Birthday Gift Ideas - Collage

puppy bag carrier

puppy bag carrier

Forget DIY arts and crafts; the father, grandfather and great-grandfather in your life deserves only the best and, lucky for all of us, the best is now also affordable!

Tell the story of his life, photo documentary style using a wonderful collage. Better yet, have a member of the family talk through the significance of those special moments.

80th Birthday Gift Ideas - Split Image Canvas

puppy bag carrier

puppy bag carrier

They say dogs are the best people and, particularly as we age, they're probably right. This gift celebrates that loyal companionship.

Max the dog is the apple of his eye. His face lights up when he's around and he talks about him a lot. A lot.

Arrange a photo with the 80 year old in your life with his (or her) best furry friend and, for full impact, print it across four canvas frames.

Transform that special moment into a work of art and watch his eyes sparkle.

80th Birthday Gift Ideas - Split Image Canvas
80th Birthday Gift Ideas - Single Canvas Print

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puppy bag carrier

It's the simple things in life that can make the most impact.

For the perfect 80th birthday gift, capture a special moment of the loving older couple together and print it onto a single canvas print.

Get into shape!

While landscape is a popular option, consider placing your photo on a square or portrait shaped canvas.

Go large! 

Don't be shy. If you have a photo you love, it's likely they will too. So print it on the biggest canvas size so they can hang it proudly in their home.

Consider glass!

If the photo is so good that it deserves some extra special treatment, consider printing it onto a non-canvas material like acrylic glass or brushed aluminum.

Glass is wonderful for those light, bright photos and aluminum is ideal to give a photo an arty appeal.

At 80, their love truly has become 'together forever', so don't keep those photos on your camera - bring them out from behind the screen and give them life!

80th Birthday Gift Ideas - Metal Wall Display

puppy bag carrier

puppy bag carrier

Does your favorite soon-to-be 80 year old have a passion that keeps them out of mischief?

Perhaps it's a sport, a craft, an artform or an activity like gardening, fishing or mechanics. Perhaps it's something so unique that few truly notice its importance.

This gift is a wonderful way to acknowledge the value of that one true love.

This metal wall display features a large panel with a fun 80th birthday quote. The other five panels are an opportunity to display their passion. 

It could be something they've done all their life or even a new hobby they've recently picked up. Honor it now.

80th Birthday Gift Ideas - Metal Wall Display
80th Birthday Gift Ideas - Modish Collage

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puppy bag carrier

They are her whole world, so gather all her grandkids together in front of the computer and give them the opportunity to choose which photos they'd like to upload onto this customized collage canvas.

In the center heart frame you might like to include a photo of Nana on her own, with her grandkids or even some colorful, fun text like 'We love you Nana'.

80th Birthday Gift Ideas - Peronalised glass print

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puppy bag carrier

Gather together all the wonderful achievements your friend or family member has experienced in their 80 years of life.

We've done the hard work for you by counting the days, hours and the minutes. Pretty incredible to contemplate, isn't it?

Now all you have to do is think of the other extraordinary happenings - kids, grandkids, great grandkids perhaps?

Or it could be how many holidays they've taken or degrees they've earned?

Really take time to think through who they are and what they value then print it all out on a beautiful glass print.

You can create something yourself in a graphic design program like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, but we love to use Canva.

In Canva you can easily choose a colorful background then type whatever you like in the text space using a number of different font styles and sizes.

Just make sure, once you've finished your Canva design, that you download it as 'PDF: For Print' as this will ensure the resolution is high enough to achieve a quality result.

80th Birthday Gift Ideas - Peronalised glass print
80th Birthday Gift Ideas - Modish Canvas Collage

puppy bag carrier

puppy bag carrier

Hey we're not saying don't buy him another bottle of red, we're just saying that - for his 80th - add this thoughtful gift to his mixed dozen.

This modish canvas design offers three frames, so find photos of the wine man in action. You know there's plenty.

That said, if you're struggling to fill the collage consider using the frame at the bottom of the canvas for a customized quote about wine. Here's a few ideas to get you started:

- Novinophobia: The fear of running out of wine.

- They say one glass a day is good for you. They never said how many times to fill it.

- You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy wine and that’s kind of the same thing.

- Wine a bit. You’ll feel better.

- I drink wine because I don’t like to keep things bottled up.

Design your quote with a colorful background in Canva, save it as a 'PDF: For Print', convert it to a .jpg or .png and upload it to the bottom frame. Too easy! And so much fun!

80th Birthday Gift Ideas -

puppy bag carrier

puppy bag carrier

This travel themed collage is a wonderful way to present five travel photos, perhaps a photo of every place they've been to or a collection of pictures from that 'one special trip'.

Whether travel is something they've put behind them or something they're still fit and healthy enough to do, it's a gift of memories they can hang in their home, content in the knowledge they've led a life of adventure or inspired to plan that next big trip.

If their travel adventures have covered too many countries to fit into this frame, consider putting together a travel series of 3-5 collages to hang in the home - a hallway is a great place for this.

The traditional collage series would work best here as these feature up to nine frames per collage.

A series of 5 would provide spots for up to 45 travel photos. 

And sure, you can keep the costs down by printing the smallest collage, but remember old folk need to be able to see the photos too!

80th Birthday Gift Ideas -
80th Birthday Gift Ideas - Single Canvas Print

puppy bag carrier

puppy bag carrier

A true friend is the greatest of all blessings and she's lucky enough - at age 80 - to have such a close knit group.

Remind your friend of that love and friendship by gifting her a beautiful photo canvas print of her golden girls.

Once you have the digital print, upload it to our Canvas App. If you need help along the way be sure to contact us and we'll look after you.

80th Birthday Gift Ideas - Traditional Canvas

puppy bag carrier

puppy bag carrier

Sometimes the best gift is the one he'd never think of giving himself despite it being something that means a lot to him.

Get together with the old boys and create an 80th present showing a series of photos from the hobby you all share together.

It's a gift for a man from the men in his life - an aspect that is not honored enough.

Whether you're all in the chess club together, play bowls or bridge, start photographing the activity. With easy access to smart phones these days, it's no longer an intrusive thing to do.

You don't have to make a big deal out of it, just get out the phone and start taking photos when you all come together. No-one will suspect what you're up to.

Once you have all the photos together, build a collage. This traditional template is a great one to use as it lets the photos speak for themselves.

When he opens this 80th birthday gift, his face will give nothing away. It will bring a smile to his face and warmth to his heart today and for many years to come.

It's his favorite thing to do, after all.

80th Birthday Gift Ideas - Traditional Canvas
My daughters gave this to me for Mother's Day. I love it and especially the fact that the designer is in NJ.
Okay, what has happened to the quality? I have been buying these for years and my most recent purchase is very disappointing. They seem to be sized smaller now (I am my usual weight) and do not fit correctly. Too low. The fabric is much thinner even compared to my previous purchase. Not going to buy them again in the future.
Very comfortable!
Beautiful, fine quality, great packaging
I received the set with the strips for Christmas (it was on my wishlist). They look really nice, box is a bit hard to open though. My biggest gripe is that the cufflinks are... off. If I hold them by their base, one of the stripes will be horizontal while the other vertical. I guess it isn't that much of a deal, but it is really noticeable if you are wearing them and cross your arms. If it makes sense... one cufflink will be a + while the other will be an X. Might be a quality control issue when joining the base to the top. I'll post a picture later.
Best pair of underwear I've ever worn. I bought two more and plan to replace all with these. Thy are a bit expensive but go on sale on amazon occasionally,down to like $20. worth it to me.
All of the necklaces tarnished within one day, cant complain about the cost but still weret really worth it
I like that they come in a nice casing and the material.
Are very good quality ,happy to own this pair or sunglasses. Im so happy with this purchase
Great work shirt that is sturdy. The shirt fits just a bit large as stated in description but I think it's good for when wearing a thermal layer underneath.
Jeans arrived in perfect condition, as promised, and as advertised. Well done and thanks! :)
5 stars for this awesome sunglasses!
Love them, they look great
My boyfriend liked them and he uses a size medium but they are longer than your average under shirt tank. He just ticks them in to make due with them.
I have worn it myself and then my granddaughter liked it so much and she. Is living in a basement apartment and its cold in the winter time so I gave it to her. My other granddaughter lives in Iowa so I sent her one. Then I gave one to my other granddaughters, then I bought one for myself and love it to keep warm I am 73 years old and have 19 grandchildren . I have given many of them the Comfy to say this is a warm hug from grandma. Great product.
To small
I exercise a lot, and I have gotten tired of the boxer briefs I normally wear bunching up. I decided to give these a shot, despite the fact that I was somewhat skeptical. Well, after wearing them for exactly one intensive workout, I am fully a believer. They're comfortable, they keep everything in place, and my posterior is noticeably cooler, despite wearing the same types of shorts I've always worn. I can't speak to the durability, but so far, fantastic.
These socks fit well and feel great.
This backpack is great other than it is NOT waterproof at all. On a moderately rainy during my last trip everything in my bag, including a camera, got soaking wet. The primary reason I purchased this bag was because it was supposedly waterproof. Very disappointed.
washes up beautifully and stays white through multiple washes
Its really cute. I luv these necklaces
I was/am disappointed. I only wear CK underwear and these are definitely lower quality than I am used to. Plus, the protruding tags on the back are ridiculous and a nuisance. Will only buy my CK underwear in a reputable retail physical store from now on.
My husband ordered these and says they are great for use outdoors as his eyes are very sensitive to light. Also they are light weight enough to fold up and keep in his jacket pocket.
It's already coming apart
Looks great, Im going to use it this summer while traveling the northwest . In and out of the car with my pup it looks like it will work. I purchased the turtle because I thought it looked a little more adult but still fun.
Strong, yet lightweight. Perfect. My husband loves it, so we ordered another. A lot of people review this with only one or two stars because it isnt metal like they thought....I ts carbon fiber, not plastic, guys. Its supposed to be light and strong.
Best purchase ever!!!
Perfect fit for front pocket wallet users.
Plenty of room for most essential cards and docs.
Great bang for the buck!
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