7 of the Best Ideas for Kitchen Decor

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Your kitchen should be the heart of your home; full of light, love and laughter. To spice up your kitchen in more ways than one, keep reading to get our best ideas for kitchen decor. Whether you’ve discovered a new-found love for cooking during isolation or you’ve always loved it, the kitchen should be as beautiful as it is functional. While it’s great to have a multitude of functional tools and accessible spaces in your kitchen, you also want to add beautiful décor to help the space feel warm and inviting.

A stylish, clutter-free kitchen will make you want to spend more time in the kitchen whipping up your favorite meals. We’ve got a range of kitchen décor wall ideas that will help you create a wonderfully inviting space and get you keen to start cooking up a storm!

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The country-look kitchen look is identifiable by its simplicity. The best part about this look is that it is appropriate in any style of home. Whether you’re looking for ideas for kitchen decor in a rustic home, a Hamptons-style house or a more classic home, the country-style look can be adapted for any home.

Country-style kitchens are warm, homely and often start with a neutral base. This look is paired with warmer tones like ivory, cream, yellow, gold or natural tones like olive green and sea blue. This style of kitchen is also very open, featuring open shelving, glass-fronted cabinets and natural materials like stone and timber.

Country kitchens are made to be on display; they celebrate ornamentation. In a country kitchen, crockery, pots and hand-painted plates are on display. Some kitchen decor ideas for a country-style space are:

  • Wall art of a farm or farmhouse
  • Images or silhouettes of farm animals
  • Landscapes or scenes of nature, particularly country towns, rolling green countryside or deserted beaches

farmhouse kitchen

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If the rest of your home is beautiful, why shouldn’t you make a statement in the kitchen? The great thing about a dramatic contemporary kitchen is that the design doesn’t need to be complicated. Simple designs and color schemes work best for a dramatic modern kitchen; monochrome, grey, or dark colors can work fantastically.

Despite the simple design style and color scheme, you can still bring the drama with hints of metallics, bold black and white or pops of color against a monochromatic base.

The following ideas for kitchen decor will get you inspired to create drama in your own kitchen:

bold ideas for kitchen decor

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The relaxed, breezy style of the Hamptons can suit almost any home style, no matter whether it is located near the coast or not. This glamorous look has gained traction in recent years due to its simple elegance which is relatively easy to achieve as well as being affordable if done right.

The Hamptons look is generally characterized by an open layout and a neutral color palette featuring plenty of white and the occasional pop of blue, eggshell yellow or grey. Fabrics are light and breezy; think linen and cotton, and materials are also natural with an organic feel. Rattan, wood and seagrass are commonly used in Hamptons styling to achieve a natural, relaxed look.

Some ideas for kitchen decor in Hamptons styling are:

hamptons kitchen

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A dark color palette in any room needs to be carefully considered yet if done well, can make a sophisticated statement. This classy look is a little more unique than a light-colored kitchen. You can either opt for a monochromatic look in all black with touches of white or silver or pair this deep neutral tone with another, like a dark brown, deep red brick or maroon. Alternatively, you could mix rich navy or deep emerald green with rich gold hardware.

The best ideas for kitchen decor to create a dark and sophisticated kitchen are:

  • Metallic wall art
  • Gold or black hanging lamps
  • Pops of greenery; hanging plants can look fantastic to add some color and life into a darker space
  • White or neutral wall art to brighten a dark kitchen and bring light into the space
  • Mirrors near kitchen windows to reflect light and brighten up the space
  • Chrome or pewter trays, vases or light fittings
  • Bold, modern canvas art

ideas for kitchen decor

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Bright pops of color can serve to reinvigorate any space, large or small. If your kitchen is so neutral it’s boring you, carefully chosen artworks could be just what you need. The vivid color looks especially great in a contemporary kitchen and can make a bold statement. The kitchen should be a fun place where family and friends come to cook and congregate. Therefore, color can help evoke this spirit.

Some kitchen decor ideas with bold pops of color are:

  • Bright abstract wall art
  • Painted wooden stools in a bright color such as bright red or mint green
  • Hanging lanterns in pops of color
  • Bright blue cabinetry

ideas for kitchen decor

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The magic of the Mediterranean conjures thoughts of warm, sunny days and a light, fresh food diet of salads, grilled protein and freshly-grilled vegetables. Visually, Mediterranean cultures are known for using rich, warm earthy hues, painted tiles and bright, exciting colors.

Ideas for kitchen decor to create a Mediterranean kitchen are:

  • Painted tiles for your splashback
  • Hand-painted plates
  • Landscape wall art with scenes of the Mediterranean such as sunny Italian beach villages
  • Delicious-looking wall art with images of Mediterranean food

painted tiles kitchen

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A kitchen with natural touches can give a classic and utterly timeless look, lasting through the decades. These kitchens usually feature natural materials like oak, timber, stone and linen. Paired with plenty of white, these natural materials will radiate a luxurious, relaxed vibe.

Some ideas for natural kitchen decor are:

  • Macramé textural wall hangings in neutral tones like sand, stone or ivory
  • Wall art featuring natural scenes like seagrass, palm fronds or the beach
  • Landscape prints featuring forest scenes, particularly in warm shades like yellow or orange tones

natural kitchen look

In conclusion, creating a warm, lively kitchen space will induce you to spend more time in the kitchen. If you need more interior styling inspiration, check out more of our interiors blogs. Or, if you’re ready to start choosing some beautiful wall art for your kitchen, start browsing our huge array of wall art. We have millions of designs to choose from.


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