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pop art dog paintings

Drinks art canvas prints

pop art dog paintings

The socks arrived in a vacuumed bag. They are of very high quality. Very comfortable.
Nice earrings,small like I wanted.These appear to be good quality and very comfortable to wear, you can wear them forever in your ears even when sleeping.Very happy with this product.
This is well made, has lots of pockets to organize, zippers work well, color is nice and it doesn't add weight to all the junk I carry. Amazing quality for the price and looks as nice as department store brands selling for 4 and 5 times the price. Seems to be sturdy and I've been using it for a month or two. Considering buying another color.
This is a great watch! It is worth three times the price. I bought this for my teenage daughter and she loves it!
Great quality for the price
Size was perfect. Bought for a halloween costume
man those socks are great.
My grandson loves it!
Fits perfect
Order a size up, seems to run small.

The stitching is horrible, comfort level is nonexistent, and just a really poorly made underwear overall.

I will never be ordering from them again.
Shorts are lightweight and comfortable but unlike the picture come down to mid knee on me. I'm 5'11" and will have to pull the shorts up to get them above my knee. I did not expect NBA style length.
This will be perfect for my husband. He is a simple man and loves slim wallets, but the current one he has doesn't have a window for his license. I opened this before wrapping it for Christmas. It is lovely and the magnet is strong. The packaging is very nice also. I know he will love it.
Perfect hat I love it
Great fleece!! Great price!! Very happy
Bought this for my husband for Christmas. At first, we thought it was too small for him but he removed about 30 business cards and now he loves it. Very well made too!
Great quality! Highly recommend
On time and satisfied.
for christmas and then for work
These socks are VERY POOR quality, and are ILL FITTING! I am a size 10, and STILL the socks are insanely loose! Worse still, the grey section that needs to be at my heel is way above that. This is very poor design! Do yourself a favor and just order the higher quality Nike / Adidas crew socks.
Thick, comfortable socks. But heavy lint residue.
My six year old always begs to have diamonds like mommy but her ears are sensitive and break out easily. These are perfect! They dont irritate her ears and she feels so fancy! They are beautiful and shiny.
My husband loves it! Plenty of spaces!
First off, they feel absolutely amazing; nothing I've ever felt before when it comes to a pair of boxer briefs.

I'm ~140 Lbs with an athletic build, and I ordered a medium size. When I first put them on they felt amazing, and they looked like they seemed to fit. However...

As the day went on, these went from a snug fit to absolutely RIDING.

The leg two leg sleeves ended up RIDING after about 15 minutes of just casual walking around. I am constantly having to adjust these by pulling them down and they feel absolutely uncomfortable and unwearable. I'm not sure if I got the wrong size. I wear 30" waist jeans and dress pants, so I assumed a medium would be perfect for me, and I'm not sure if a large would be way too large.

The material is great , though. I was going to give it 2 stars, but because of the higher quality materials used, I gave it an extra one
I used these socks on rotation for daily exercise. They have lasted less than a year. Instead of making holes, however, it was just the padding that eroded, sometimes completely away and only having the hatched threading holding it all together. The padding makes these socks super comfortable, but unfortunately, they erode extremely quickly.
Cool belt
It ok
I got this for my son who was self conscience of his chest he did not like the way his shirts were fitting him because he is kind of chubby. He would be wearing a jacket all the time even when it was hot. I received the shirt yesterday and he looks so good and felt so good! In fact today he went to school with just a regular shirt on no jacket! So thank you very much! Now if only I could find something to hide my beer belly!
I like the look and construction, but it is difficult to slide credit cards in and out of the pockets.
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