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dog canvas wall art

He loves it
Best product for easy cutting and best fit
No los compren!!! Es imposible usarlos, no cierran bien, se doblan, muuuy difcil de poner.
Holds things well...but..bulky and uncomfortable in pocket.
Bought because of having to take my dog out in <0 degree weather and needed something to cover my face from the cold. Keeps me fairly warm but at those temps I still wear a stocking cap too. Inexpensive, but not cheaply made and breathable. Careful to not just tug it off from the top, might tear the inner stitching. Just don't expect it to survive super rough treatment. But it works for what I bought it for and am pretty satisfied
They didnt fit very well in my opinion too looses and waste was two sizes big
Small charms but still very beautiful
Exactly as described
I really like this crossbody purse. Looks expensive but it is affordable.
Excelentes lentes.
One of the clips on the suspenders did not stay clipped and therefore would not attach to the pants. I returned this item.
Product is very thin quality. I have ordered 32-34 waist, but for me 30-32 is better. I did not see all what I got in total of 5 l got 3 I ordered size and 2 long one..I did not see it and the return date is over for it
This is my 3rd pair of Bionic gloves and each one is better than the other. I work out a medium to high intensity 4x a week. 2 of the days power lifting.

You should look for 3 things in a glove. Protection, comfort and grip. These gloves match all 3 areas. Gloves are form fitting, tight but not too tight and they let your hand breathe. Not a single callus on my hands.

The complaints about long fingers is kind of silly. Yes the fingers are slightly longer but the extra fabric is a pull point to get the gloves off of sweaty, enlarged hands after a tough work out.

Gloves are built durable and for me last about 2-3 years.
Seats heavy on the nose. but opens beer well
I like so much but I'll like them better if it would fit me a bit tighter And I got the smallest size
Good quality great design
I've had a few of these and each one has broken because the arms are cheap plastic. This one broke in under a month. Stau away from this product!!!
Great quality wallet. This was perfect to hold my cards and money. Will be buying again
A year since I'm using it and its still going on.
I ordered an extra large since I like my sweatshirts big, and it fits how I would expect except that it is a struggle to put in on/take it on. The head hole is way to small. I actually can't take it off without my glasses coming off. If the hole was bigger I'd give it a 10/10
Packaged very well. Product fits better for me than what I used to have (which had a broken frame).
My husband loved it! We have bought another one.
Love it, easy to carry very stylish.
needed a hat to protect my balding spot while on a two week trip on the Amazon River. This hat looks really good, has decent ventilation and I liked the hidden pocket. The only thing that could be better is if it was made of a lighter material. Some of the running hats I tried (Adidas in particular) were of much lighter material and you didn't even feel them on your head. Still, happy with my purchase and will use this hat a lot in the future as well!
material is good, fit was good, sewing looks OK. However, lower right leg outside seam angle to front of leg. Looks bad now I have a pair of pants that are going to become expansive cutoffs. Do not buy Levi's made in Africa.
The picture suggests they are mid-calf. They are over the calf which makes the picture misleading.
I had a purse-like metal wallet before this. This is the perfect replacement.
I ordered a large/x large but i probably could of went smaller...they r little big for my feet but making them work..very comfortable and helping my feet from swelling..
I have used this same brand for a couple of years. Excellent product and great for training! Highly recommended.
https://www.asiancanvasprinted.com/frpet8j27jw https://www.asiancanvasprinted.com/produitfrance/Milano-Unisex-AUTB01-Quartz-Silver