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16x20 custom canvas prints

Very nice!
My grandaughters loved them
No like
Quality compares to the other brands. Very happy with the purchase. I normally rotate between the big 2 based on price. These are cheaper and just as good. Great product
Quick turn around. Exactly what I expected.
I purchased these glasses because I was having issues with nighttime glare due to recent cataract surgery. Unfortunately, they did absolutely nothing. I tried them out in a number of driving conditions and switched back and forth between wearing them and not wearing them to see if there was a difference, but there was none. I really wanted them to work. I would have returned them, if I wasn't so lazy. I gave it two stars, rather than one, because they came in a nice case. Maybe I can use them as part of an Elton John costume at Halloween.
great product very happy
The pants sit lower in the back than they do in the front which is awkward. I've only had them for a week and today the drawstring in the pants broke right in half in the back - it seems to have been 2 separate strings sewn together rather than one solid string. Pretty disappointed! The shirt is a little baggy - comfortable and easy to move in but almost as if the shirt and pants aren't matching sizes.
Longer than I thought they would be.
Cool and assorted
Great product, fair price, no complaints. A little tighter than the exact same hat in black for some reason.
Item as discribed, fit as expected
My son loves it.
All around great products. Not only do they look good they feel good.
Been wearing 24/7 for a few weeks and no sign of green! Great purchase for my sensitive ears!
I sent them back because they werent as pictured. Lenses werent blue at all. More like grey with no mirror finish. Otherwise I would have kept them. They seemed slightly big on a female face but I could have worked with them anyway. Light and thin. No problem with blind spots because the arms are nice and thin.
Hubby likes them! Need i say more?!?
Very nice for a 5 year old child
They are very long. I'm 6 foot and and the shirt covers most of my quad. It might shrink but they are very long.
I work 12hr shifts in a food production plant... LOVE these socks!!!
Good as long as it isn't poring rain for a long time. Other wise it will eventually soak thru. Although every rain jacket I have ever bought does the same. Even expensive ones, so all in all, a good buy.
Decent quality. Just a tad too large. Nothing a belt cant fix, just want everyone to know what theyre buying!
The Fit! I love how these glasses fit my face
Have been using this wallet for almost 3 months now. Have to say I'm very pleased with the quality of this wallet. It's very well made and perfect for people who prefer a trifold wallet with a slim profile. It has enough space for all my cards and doesn't feel too bulky. The card slots were a little tight though, but I assume with more use over time they should start loosening up. My most frequently used credit card slides in and out with ease. Would highly recommend this wallet.
I needed a large case for my sunglasses for the ones that came with the glasses would no longer close. I look at the location that I go to buy glass frames and they were twice the price. I ordered these and have been using them for a week and they seem to work exactly as intended.
My husband loves this hat!!! I purchased it for Halloween as he wanted to go as Alan Quatermane, but he wears it all the time now. The fit was perfect and it is a very nice quality fabric. He gets so many compliments.
This was used, which I thought it only was supposed to have a slight defect.
Its disgusting!! I was grossed out even touching it because it was so filthy!
Unacceptable! Sending back:(
Shouldnt even get one star, forced to add a star for submission.
https://www.asiancanvasprinted.com/frpetzinvwa https://www.asiancanvasprinted.com/produitfrance/Collier-Cadenas-Multicouche-Pendentif-Créative