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make your own phone case cover

The quality of 501's has dropped beyond imagination. Thin, fragile material. Completely random fit. 5 belt loops instead of 7? Come on Levi, you are losing customers. It seems that all of the classic manufacturers are cutting corners, as in every possible corner they can think of. All I can do is go to w-mart and try on the store brand till I find a pair that fits, this way I can get the SAME LOW QUALITY as levi for 1/3 the price. THIS MESSAGE FOR LEVI, WHEN YOU START MAKING JEANS AGAIN, LET ME KNOW AND I WILL START BUYING THEM AGAIN.
Fit well
Wish it was adjustable.
Love the color; love the fit!
Not sure if it was just the one that i received but one of these broke when i was trying to put it on
Great shirts but you should get a size smaller then youre expecting.
Second set of boxers. Love them.
Beautiful structured bag! I plan to buy more for gifts!
Bought for my 18 yr old grandson. He loves them...!
Good socks and feel comfortable.
Super lightweight shorts. Great for working out in. Only draw back is the pockets are on the small side.
Love how it has so many slots for cards! It's not a true leather look but shiny but that's ok. Lots of room and can downsize purse now.
Rich color. Good craftsmanship for the price.
These shorts a good for daily general use. The fit is accurate. not too short, not too lengthy. just perfect.
I ordered this looking to change up the wallet I have carried around for years. I didnt really pay attention to the size but realize when it came in the mail that the wallet is larger than Im used to. Overall the wallet seems great, have been using it now for a few weeks.
After one washing they have shrink a lot and not good quality as in past purchases, disappointed in the quality.
They do run a little large but still a great fit and good material. I will purchase again.
Super nice is original.
Good fit; good for driving; good wrap-around style - GREAT PRICE .... told you DUCO - I'd get to it sooner .... or later .... I will buy again from DUCO
I thought they were kind of wide which is probably what it needs to be but my ear lobe is small so it kind of stuck out
You get what you pay for. Cheap plastic covered in thin leather
happy fit well
Good for our 12 y/o.
They look nice, but they pinch my nose. Too tight.
So worth it! Very beautiful but pictures make it look a lot bigger than it is
Such an amazingly adorable gift! Adorable box, beautiful, looks expensive and its not!!
My husbands favorite underwear
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