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pastel animal portraits

For some reason, this wallet just fits better in my pocket than other wallets I have had in the past. I have 8 credit/debit cards, plus a DL and ID card and a dozen business cards, two door access cards, and it fits comfortably in my front right pocket.

My prior fossil that my dog ate was significantly bulkier.
Love it need more!
Grandma loved them. Granddaughter loved them too
So many compliments on this bag. Well made. Awesome! Cute tassels.
My wife truly loves the purse as if goes with so many of her outfits.
Straight dope. Wish I had had these years ago. Pair with a set of suspenders and your're all set.
AWESOME sunglasses!
I have 2 of these and trust me when I tell you, that they are just awesome. Below mentioned are my points with proper pros and cons:-
1. Optimum size: Before this I had those big bulky wallets, which cover my whole ass while sitting. That not only made my sitting posture bad, but also my back hurts after a while. Every time I had to pull out my purse and then sit, taking the risk of forgetting it (In fact once I did forget it). On the other hand these wallets are just half of their size and fits in your back pocket as if it isn't even there.
2. Perfect slots: I am a PAPER GUY. I not only have many cards, but also I keep scrap papers, writing stuffs like list of groceries etc. (I know mobile is lot easier, but may be I'm a stereotype). This wallet has so many sections, that even after it's tiny size, it manage to accommodate everything.
3. Texture: This is the only section which has Pro as well as Con in it. I have one Texas Brown and one Dark Chocolate of these wallets.
-->The Texas Brown is a masterpiece. It's leather is hand made, and thus it's grainy surface is rugged and looks classy. You'll feel rich just by holding it in your hand :P. Downside: If you have nails, this isn't right for you. A small scratch, and the surface is gone. Although you can oil the surface and bring back the classy texture, but I don't think it's long-lasting if you are back-pocket guy. It's more of a suit's-front-pocket-partner.
--> The Dark Chocolate, on the other hand, doesn't look so classy, but undoubtedly is better among other brands. It's color is nice, glossy and smooth. As it isn't hand made, it is perfect for rough use, and obviously will last long.
Ok, it still makes you sweat
These socks are freaking awesome! Cushy in all the right places. Will definitely be investing in more.
Got them for my hubby he wears a size 15 shoe and these for him perfect
Best work sock ever, they are built to last. Super comfortable with padding and extra strong at all the wear points, both heal and toe.
I love these! Deep pockets! Easily fits iPhone 6+. I'm 5'6 and 175 and got the medium. They are actually pretty thick! So cozy. I definitely recommend .
Used it in ~20F weather and it kept my face pretty warm but I think its really good at just keeping snow/wind out of your face.

If it was a lot colder I don't think it would of been the right balaclava.

The material is very comfortable and fits well over my nose which had been a problem with other products.
Its pretty thin too which means when I put my googles over it, it was still comfortable.
very nice belt
I got them for my husband, he loves them true to what was described. Very good quality for being so cheap. Will definitely buy again.
Great product, fit as expected. Will purchase again. Thank You. Roy Metcalf
Thanks for this wonderful bag!
Perfect amounts for cards etc...beautiful
Pants are pretty good, but 36 waist is too loose, and 34 is too tight
Like them alot. I wear steel toe boots everyday for 10-12 hours and they are still in great condition. I've had them for 3 months and have not had to throw away a single pair yet.
decent product.
the fit just a little tight compared to my most recent purchase of fruit of the loom same size last week
The design and quality of the hat are awesome, but when on my head I felt like I was wearing a helmet rather than a hat
Long sleeve protection AND it stays cool. Who'd a thunk it !!
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