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cheap personalised phone cases

Fits good, looks good
Reinforced pockets, nice material, doesnt shrink and holds up after multiple washes. Sizes fit as expected, not too tight like a lot of Mediums these days and not like a bag either. Theres a reason why these pajamas are sold out! Cant beat that price either
Hubby is very pleased. he tried on both pair and they fit great. just like he expected.
Wish we could figure out how to not have it on military time all the time
cheap make but cute
Good belt for price. Quality good.
Beautiful. Great price great product
Extremely fragile and poor not a delicate piece of jewelry. Its hard at the touch but Its what you pay for
Bought these for baseball, they were without a doubt better than Oakleys. I tried my friend's Oakley's out but there were so many noticeable scratches on them. They were quite hard to see through but these have just the right sized lenses for my eyes. I'd recommend them if you were on a budget or trying to stand out of from the fad of oaks.
These make good gifts for family and friends
I like it. Not a total love but for the price I feel like it was worth it. I'm not crazy about the flap at the bottom. It doesn't lay down to give the purse a bottom and is too short to be a divider. I also wish the handles were a tad longer so I didn't have to use the long slim strap. It makes it look like a style for older ladies.
The flip side though, it's definitely a fun purse and already have gotten compliments. It's fun how the colors are different depending on the light.
Actually not as pink as the picture, but still super pretty. Tiny, discreet and perfect for a child. Also, what i love the mot is that it has a lot of threads and it is still loose around her piercing to allow washing without removing. Some others with screws, often don't have enough threads and they fall off easily.
too big----ordered medium & too big for my face.
For the money spent the quality and appearance fit and finish looks as good as the $100 plus one advertised on tv.
Me qudo pequeo. Parece q marca 36 pero es 34
Great for my iPhone 11! Works through cellophane pocket!
Happy with purchase!
Very sleek and simple design. Fits great and does not slip. I will order more.
Can't beat the fit, look, and durability for the price...and I love me some Carhartts.
liked it
The suspenders were comfortable, but the clasp broke after two days definitely a the week spot.
These are preachy, soft synthetic fiber, and are perforated. Like whearing nothing but better!
Bought this for my brother and it is really hard to zip and unzip. I tried to get him to let me send it back. It is also very large,but that was my fault because it states how big it is.
These are good shorts.
Well my husband loves them...he is not that picky...still the product met all of the advertised information.
I dont recommend these. $14 shirts that are cheap and gigantic. They charged $5 for the refund, which puts the shirts at $9, so I just ended up keeping these terrible shirts. Dont buy.
Great sunglasses for the price. The nose piece on my prior glasses had let go so needed a new pair. I usually buy cheap glasses at the drug store, less than $20 type but picked these up on Prime day and they have been great. Came with a nice hard case.
I ordered my shirts too big, but the material was great and I did not feel like it was too cheap. The shirt came in perfect color too.
this purse was amazing. It didn't hang too low, the material was soft and durable, spacious but not overly large. I loved it!!!
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